Research and Safety Trends In the Well Water Industry, From Carova Service and Construction

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, over 13 million households in the United States rely on well water for drinking water. 

The federal government does not regulate this water. Some states, such as Virginia, have regulations that apply to wells at the time of installation, but not afterwards.  

Because our team at Carova Service and Construction takes pride in providing our customers with safe and reliable personal water sources, we aim to bring you the latest news and advice on this topic.

While these facts and figures could raise concern, it is important to remember that municipal water systems that use wells have already implemented safety measures to protect their systems from the same issues. Contamination, perhaps from minerals, gases, microorganisms, pollution, or other substances in the ground, mainly affects private wells or those outside of the main water system.

Study Opens the Door For Expanded UV/LED Use With Microorganisms

After five years of study, a joint commission of international independent researchers recommended the use of UV and LED lighting in treating water contaminated with microorganisms. They found that these systems can significantly reduce levels of rotavirus and other contaminants. 

Other contaminants, such as the common e. Coli bacteria, have been successfully treated for years with UV.

Expanding the use of UV and LED to cover more organisms could make the water of wells that are currently unusable safe for consumption again.

Arsenic Worries in Groundwater Addressed

A 2017 study from the US Geological Survey indicates that approximately 2.1 million water wells in the United States face the possibility of contamination from high levels of arsenic. This substance occurs naturally in the ground, but long term exposure could prove deadly to humans and animals.

The study showed that North Carolina and Virginia coastal areas had a higher than normal level of contaminated wells, but that the federal government also offered options for treatment.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend that wells containing arsenic use special measures to remove the chemical from drinking water. These includes;

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultra-filtration
  • Distillation
  • Ion Exchange

CDC Supports Local Health Departments

The Centers for Disease Control works diligently in coordination with local health departments to help those experiencing potential well water contamination. In the Safe WATCH program, CDC and local officials can offer guidance on how to identify contamination and treat it.

In most cases, special equipment can filter or otherwise remove specific issues, rendering the water safe.

CDC and local assistance concerns the following:

  • How and when to test 
  • How to read test results and learn about issues in the well, if any
  • Connection to the proper products and services

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